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Use of Trusts

Flexible Trusts can provide one of the most effective structures for protecting family assets and can secure substantial tax savings. Virtually any property can be put in trust including property, shares, money, insurances and other personal assets.

We advise on the creation and administration of trusts and offer a full trusteeship service.

The use of trusts may be key factors in both successful inheritance tax (IHT) and capital gains tax (CGT) planning whether during your  lifetime or upon death. We frequently advise clients on tax planning with a view to mitigating or securing main residence relief for capital gains tax purposes on second or holiday homes or in circumstances where the house is partly or wholly owned by clients but occupied by say a family relative.

Constructive use of trusts can secure considerable tax reliefs.

Trusts are very important in preserving family assets in a wide range of circumstances i.e. second marriages, nursing home protection, physical and mental incapacity, financial immaturity etc.

We are able to provide a specialist service on the subject of trusts and estates, executorship services, administration and related taxes.


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